Below you can read the poems featured in the first episode of our podcast, by Mildred from 'When Women Speak I Hear' An anthology of poems from nine brave women

Wanawake Wakiongea Naskiza

When women speak I hear

I hear their story

(we have a lot in common)

Wanawake Wakiongea Naskiza

Circumstance may well be different

When women speak I hear

Culture may well be different

Wanawake Wakiongea Naskiza

Location, background, shade

When women speak I hear

We are strong

We are resilient

We don’t give up

Wanake Wakiongea Naskiza

Under pressure we emerge-

Golden, renewed.

When Women Speak I Hear

When women speak

I hear my own voice

The echo of my voice

We have a lot in common

I hear a soft voice, clear voice, emotional voice

I am one voice, but together we are a choir

There’s some emotion, inspiration, knowledge

Lightness and heaviness

I am no longer ashamed, I am no longer to blame

I can shake off my guilt, I can shake off my shame

Me too

We are in this together

I can feel their pain

We are strong and resilient

We don’t give up

I am a fighter

If you want to buy a copy of this publication or find out more about the Building Equality Book Project, a collaboration between Edinburgh Women's Aid and Shakti Women's Aid and The Scottish Poetry Library go to websites provided below.

All proceeds from sales of books will go to Edinburgh Women's Aid and Shakti Women's Aid.

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