An anthology of poems from nine brave women.

Here are two of Jen's poems 'Aftermath' and 'Damage' from 'Women Speak I Hear...'


He stands

in front of me

eyes of lust, pity

hands now on me

caressing me

wanting me

needing me

for now.

A kiss

so soft, so harsh. So pleasing.

Anger fades, lust takes over

to block out the pain that came before

for now.

Hands that hurt me, now caress me

hands that hated me, now want me

hands that hurt me, now needing me

for now.

Lust quickly fades

realism dawns

for now.

can't last forever.


Words, words, that's all they are.

Words of hate, of past, of now

Words used to hurt

to break me down.

Words, words, that's all they are

so why do they destroy me?

A door, a plate

is that alright?

you can replace an object that you break.

My face, my body

is that alright?

Can you replace a person that you break?

Inside you can't see the damage

you have done to me.

The bruises that will never heal

And no makeup can conceal

The damage done within

for bruise, marks upon the skin

Fade with time

there short term to remind me

of the damage you have done to me.

Cover them up so I can't see

the damage you have done to me

but damage done within

Will not fade or cover up

this damage I am afraid

can't be concealed and will not fade

Thoughts, feelings, there to remind me

each new day

of the damage you have done to me.

Jen participated in the Building Equality Book Project with Edinburgh Women's Aid and Shakti Women's Aid in collaboration with The Scottish Poetry. The group met at the Scottish Poetry library to explore and write poetry with the help of special writing workshops with poets Jenny Lindsay and Nadine Aisha Jassat and printmaking workshops Leena Nammari. The work which was produced in the workshops was collated in a powerful publication 'When Women Speak I Hear...' and stands a testament to the resilience, strength and courage of the women involved. Jen and Mildred kindly agreed to share their poems on the podcast for 16 Days of Action to help raise awareness of Domestic Abuse. To find out more about the publication 'When Women Speak I Hear' An anthology of poems from nine brave women go to the Scottish Poetry Library Website:…-i-hear/ Many thanks to Jen, Jan Ferguson, Linda Rodgers, and the women at Works 4 Women project.

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