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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

The group have been looking at graphic scores and art inspired by sound and music in the Sound Workshops, as inspiration for developing their own scores or for creating a visual storyboard for their individual audio pieces. We’ve been thinking about ways of visually representing sound through colour, pattern, repetition, mark making, texture, opacity. And the different qualities that might be communicated with certain mediums such as graphite, paint, charcoal, pastels. Or with certain processes such as drawing, painting, printing, collage, or through using photoshop and digital media. Theresa Sauers fabulous book 'Notations' a collection of visual Notations and graphic scores has been a great resource and offers interesting insight into the scores and the composers or musicians who have created them. Here are a few of the scores for your eyes and sonic earmaginings:

Graphic Score by Boguslaw Schaeffer’s PR I VII

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