Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Below you can read Grace's poem 'I See You', that she shares in episode seven of the podcast. You can also find more of Grace's poetry in the publication 'When Women Speak I Hear...' An anthology of poems from nine brave women.

I See You

by Grace Brownlie

I see you

Maybe not at first

But soon, as to darkness, my eyes will adjust

I see you

As you flatter and fawn

Attempts to seduce with your sorcerers song

I see you

Convolute what is true

Seeking to confuse with the lies that you spew

I see you

Feign principles, integrity

But you have no compassion; you have no sincerity

I see you

And I know your goal

To uncover weakness and establish control

I see you

Emotions askew

Your expressions of love may be real, but not true

Yes, I see you

Beneath that charming veneer

So much self loathing; so much fear

Yes, I see you

As the mask slips

A faint snarl of contempt flickers over your lips

Yes, I see you

And, if I must

It’s with pity, with sorrow, but also disgust

Oh yes, I see you

But what you don’t see

Is the untouchable, the impenetrable, strength inside me

Oh yes, I see you

But what you don’t know

Is I’ve seen you before, and before, and before

So now, when I see you

I’m not afraid

For you only have power when lurking in shade

Yes, I see you alright

As clear as day

But now....

I don’t once glance back, as I walk away.

Grace Brownlie - 2018

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